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the first female chinese immigrant to america was a sixteen-year-old girl who was part of a cultural exhibit where she sat in a life-size diorama and people watched her eat with chopsticks while wearing silk clothes and that’s really all you need to know about the commodification of chinese women

Afong Moy.  Her name was Afong Moy.  Say the names of people who should be remembered.

Holy fuck.

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July 19 2014

The red flower that blooms for nine years

stains her summer clothes, summer’s
fingertips; the things she has touched;
a young man’s sleeves and hands.

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July 17 2014
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It’s everything that is connected

and beautiful

and now I know just where I stand.

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July 17 2014

I’m entering a place where I feel that I could help people;

I’ve never felt well enough to do so before.

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July 16 2014

sweet n spicy gazpacho



2 tomatoes (beefsteak is my favorite)

1 mango

1/2 a cucumber or 1 celery stalk

1/4-1/2 cup cilantro

1 clove of garlic

1 cherry bomb pepper (start with 1/2, I really like spice so I use 2)

4 pitted dates (soaked)

4 sun-dried tomatoes (soaked)

Next, lightly pulse:

1 (diced) red…

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July 16 2014
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July 14 2014
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You drink about it, smoke about it, don’t talk about it.

— Ella Eyre (via wank-r)

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July 13 2014


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July 13 2014

when you walk into a room that smells like boiling bones, but you don’t say anything because then you’re that freak that knows what boiling bones smells like… classic.

12:58 am
July 12 2014

I’ve experienced a lot lately and found clarity and resolution in matters that have been burdening me for far too long; one of which was the lingering pain of an emotionally destructive relationship.  I tolerated someone that was manipulative and degrading, and over the years found myself in cycles of anger, spite, sorrow, and depression.  I’ve tried to be dignified, but the thought that he is more accomplished than myself was hard to swallow, feeling that he deserves his serving of misfortune.  But now that all feels so far away; he’s tormented in his own way, and obviously has to evolve and learn how to love.  Emerging from this has allowed me to see all the things I’ve accomplished, entirely without him, and despite the pain I carried with me.  There are really great things to come.

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July 10 2014

Yesterday I gave a ride to a hitch hiker named Frolic and at one point he brought up that when you speak with poor intention, that negativity travels through both your heart and throat chakras; you’re creating toxicity within yourself.  I’ve heard that what you outwardly express effects you internally, but I haven’t really thought about it like that before.

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July 9 2014

My mistrust [of men] is not, as one might expect, primarily a result of the violent acts done on my body, nor the vicious humiliations done to my dignity. It is, instead, born of the multitude of mundane betrayals that mark my every relationship with a man—the casual rape joke, the use of a female slur, the careless demonization of the feminine in everyday conversation, the accusations of overreaction, the eye rolling and exasperated sighs in response to polite requests to please not use misogynist epithets in my presence.

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July 9 2014

Red paint clung to the cabin like chipped bark,

with glassless windows and a trembling porch.

The floorboards would creak and snap like old

jaw bones, as though it were speaking to us.

It was said to be haunted, but I would disagree;

though there was certainly a spirit amongst us.

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July 7 2014
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— Lorna Morello (Yael Stone)  (via note-a-bear)

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June 27 2014

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June 22 2014